The Food Bank Singapore Project

ABT and HWR (Highway Resources) recently organised a donation drive to the Food Bank Singapore Ltd. Both companies aim to provide a platform for out Singapore staff to volunteer and invest their time to give back to society.

The Food Bank Singapore Ltd. is a registered Charity and Institution of a Public Character (IPC) in Singapore. It operates as a foodbank that collects excess food from food suppliers, donations and re-distributes them to organisations such as old folks' homes, family service centres and soup kitchens. It is a member of the Global Food Banking Network.

The CSR activity was conducted in the morning on 13th July, and we had full participation by the group staff in Singapore. We assisted in the house-keeping and stock taking at the Food Bank centre at the Tanjong Pagar warehouse. We also helped in packing the food items for the designated receivers.

Under planning is to conduct other CSR activities in the near future, such as to host a charity movie screening in which tickets will be purchased by employees, customers and families. Circulars will also be sent out to seek awareness and support from them to purchase tickets for the next donation drive.